Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year with Reintegration Challenges

As I transition from my split life to a full time residence in Palm Springs, CA, a few things become quite clear. The climate and people are more to my liking here in Palm Springs, Sunday is no longer a day of dread, and in the span of 8 months of single guy apartment living in Los Angeles, I have managed to accumulate the most amazing amount of crap.

I have duplicates of just about everything that my husband and I have in the Palm Springs residence. Discovering this and reintegrating the apartment stuff into the house has posed some interesting conversation topics:
-Which can opener is better?
-Where did all this paper come from?
-How do you fit two living room sets in one living room?

Reintegration has been good for one main reason. It has forced us to optimize the storage space we have here. One weekend saw us empty out all the cupboards in the hall and master bathroom and reorganize so that a linen area was created in the master bath and a psuedo-pantry was created in the hall. This useful except that he pantry is quite away from the kitchen.

The big challenges happens next weekend when the apartment furniture arrives from Los Angeles. A swap and redesign of the master bedroom furniture is planned for as well as the creation of an outdoor living room/zen area/party lounge so that we do not feel like fools for purchasing apartment furniture for only eight months.

Yes, we though the time in the apartment would be longer and the purchases we thought were necessary at the time.  However, it is much better to have this problem, rather than to drive sadly way from my family every Sunday night.

Reintegration is going to take awhile, but family is worth it.

My hope is to relay all the ups and downs of my life as a Desert RN through this blog. I hope you follow along with me.

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